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What is thermography?


Thermography is the detection and study of heat patterns on the body. It helps to indicate normal or abnormal activity in the underlying tissue. Thermography as it relates to breast screening tools is a highly sensitive and completely non-invasive clinical procedure that if read properly can alert one to changes in breast physiology and utilized for monitoring many injuries and conditions.  Thermography can detect benign tumors simple cysts, fibrocysts, infection and other conditions.

Thermography is :

  • FDA Approved

  • Painless

  • Radiation Free

  • No Prescription Required

  • Affordable for all

We offer the following thermography services:

Why choose thermography?



The human body is thermally symmetrical, and your normal thermal patterns are constant and repeatable.  Therefore, the use of thermography offers one the opportunity to monitor their Breast Health by providing earlier detection of active breast disease than all the tools currently used by experts in the medical field. Thermography examines the blood supply that develops prior to tumor formation (in most cases) and the heat captured by the thermal camera from these patterns acts as an early alert to the possibility of unhealthy breast conditions.

The ideal early warning system would detect both the pre-cancerous changes occurring in the breast and the first cancer cell formations. Digital Infrared Imaging has the ability to detect the chemical and blood vessel changes in pre-cancerous as well as cancerous breast tissue. DII can be the first indicator that a cancer may be forming or present; and in many cases from 8-10 years before it can be detected by any other method.

How does thermography work?

Thermal Imaging uses a high-resolution digital thermal camera to take a picture of your body’s heat and display these patterns in the form of a digital image.  The cells of your body produce heat through their normal function.  Diseased cells, like cancer, usually produce much more heat in their earliest stages of development (before a tumor forms). 

Before most cancerous tumors grow, the cancer cells will:

  • stimulate new blood vessels to grow

  • re-open unused blood vessels

  • maintain those blood vessels already in use

As the cancer cells build vast networks of blood vessels in the area they will ultimately grow. A tumor needs more blood flow than normal cells to support its rapid growth. With more blood flow, there is more heat.  Thermal Imaging examines these “hot spots” which can be the earliest warning signs of cancerous activity. This activity has been shown to begin years before a tumor forms, and before any warning signs can be given by other screening methods. 

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